Camping Mar Azul is a brand new campsite in the south of Spain, near a small town called Balerma in the province of Almería. It is directly on the coast, and the beach is only a 1-minute walk. And with the hills (I would call it mountains, but officially they are hills) in its back yard, the location is beautiful. We stayed here for two months and we had a magnificent time on Camping Mar Azul.

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Pitches of Camping Mar Azul

The 220 pitches are neatly lined out in rows. They have special pitches for very large vehicles, like fifth wheels, busses transformed into a motorhome or motorhomes with a trailer. But even the normal pitches are large enough to host a big caravan. We set up our big awning and it fitted precisely. We didn’t had any space to park our car or sit outside, but we stayed here during low season and we could take two plots for the price of one. How great is that? 🙂

Sanitary facilities

Camping Mar Azul just opened so the two sanitary buildings are new. The toilets, showers and sinks are all in perfect condition and very clean.

Sanitary facilities for children

Both sanitary buildings have a baby bath with lots of space for a changing mat.

Kids club & activities

During July and August, Camping Mar Azul offers an activity program for children. We stayed here in January, February and a part of March, so there were no kids activities organised. But the owners did organize Spanish classes, and those were great! If they put just as much effort in the children activities, then I guess it will be splendid as well!

Camping Mar Azul has a swimming pool with toddler pool, a playground for small children and a big sports area for basketball, volleyball, jeu de boules and soccer. They are currently building an indoor play room, which is expected to be open in summer 2016.

Internet & other facilities

The WiFi is a dubious point… According to their website and the ACSI CampingCard website their free WiFi is available in all plots. It is not. It is free though, but the signal is crappy. Only at the restaurant and behind one of the sanitary buildings you can receive a decent signal. We stayed at a pitch close to the restaurant and I was able to receive some signal outside (!) our caravan, but only during non-popular timeslots, like before 9 am and after 10 pm. My husband has a better receiver on his laptop and had a better signal the whole day, but still, it had its down moments and if it worked, it was very slow.

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Camping Mar Azul has a small supermarket with fresh bread all day and a restaurant with terrace where they serve delicious food.


As mentioned, Camping Mar Azul is very close to the beach. Don’t expect a white sandy beach here, but still, it is nice for a walk during low season and a refreshing swim during the hot summer months.

Beside the beach you can do a lot of sightseeing here. For example, the town of El Ejido is charming and although Almerimar is touristic, it has a port to watch boats.

From Camping Mar Azul you can also visit Almería, which is a one-hour drive. If you’re very motivated, Granada (and the Alhambra) is 1,5-hour driving, but that’s unmistakably worth it.

With the beach on one side and the hills on the other, the location of Camping Mal Azur seems perfect, but this area of Andalucia is a popular place for the vegetable farming industry. Camping Mar Azul is therefore closed in by greenhouses. This is not the charming view most people expect. Although, we didn’t mind.

Prices Camping Mar Azul

In July and August, the price for two adults, a car and caravan or motorhome and a pitch with electricity is € 26,80 per night. For children you pay € 5,20 per night extra. They offer an extended stay discount ranging from 20% if you stay more than 5 nights to 40% if you stay more than 30 nights.

During low season (from September till June) the price for two adults, a car and caravan or motorhome and a pitch (without electricity!) is € 15,01 per night. For children you pay € 5,20 per night extra and for electricity the fee is € 0,35/Kwh. They offer you lots of discount when you stay longer. For example, the fee decreases to € 10,72 when you stay more than 23 nights. But keep in mind that electricity is not included in this fee and when you use a coffee maker, electrical heater and electrical cooker on a daily base, you can count on approximately € 150 to € 200 extra per month.

If you stay for only a few days, the ACSI CampingCard (with a fix fee of € 15 per night, electricity included) might be more cost efficient when you are high on power usage. Although, I expect that they will increase the CampingCard fee in the near future, since all comparably campsites ask € 17 per night. And you might pay an extra fee for children.

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