There are so many campsites for family camping in Europe; I could fill a book with it! Oh wait, some people already did! No seriously, there are so many campsites in Europe, you will always find one (or more!) you love. Although there will be some crappy ones at all times, with the right preparation you will select only fantastic campsites. Especially if you are planning to stay a couple of weeks in the same spot, you need to take some extra effort in choosing one.

Campsites for family camping

Family camping is all about the preparation

Without a suitable preparation, your family holiday will turn into a nightmare with all family members wishing they were comfortably at home. One of the first steps is deciding where you will stay during your family camping trip. If you searched for campsites on the websites of big camping organizations, you probably get the idea that all presented campings are lovely. Well, they are not.

Of course, this is all very subjective (to my big surprise people were loving a campsite that we hated) and it depends on your preferences which campsites suits your family camping vacation best. But in the end, some basic things are everybody’s necessity. Think about clean toilets and showers, large enough pitches and shade if you go on a family camping trip during the hot summer months. If you stay a longer period at one campsite, you probably also want some activities for the kids.

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Family camping preparation checklist

Selecting the perfect campsites for family camping

Where to begin with your search for the perfect family-friendly camping? You should start with narrowing down your choices. And no worries, selecting campsites was a daily routine for me for six months, and I am here to help you!

First, you need to narrow down the country or countries you want to visit during your family camping holiday or family camping tour. This might seem logical and unnecessary to mention, but some countries are best for family camping during winter or summer time and some combinations of countries are just utterly impractical if you have limited time.

If you don’t take these things into account first, selecting the best family-friendly campsite will be a complicated process. So, let’s start with an overview of countries.


Family camping in the Netherlands is an excellent way to explore this country and see more than the highlights in Amsterdam. Because of its small size, you can see every corner of it in a short period: from its hills in the south to the West Frisian Islands in the north and everything in between. Although the weather is lovely during summer months, it can rain plenty. Take this into account when choosing your camping gear or camping vehicle.


Sightseeing in Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent or outdoor family adventures in the Ardennes? It is all possible in this small country squeezed between The Netherlands and France. And during your stay in Belgium, you should try ‘Vlaamse Frieten’ and the famous ‘wafels’. Your kids will like them so much! And for the grownups, Belgium beer is famous as well, so a good excuse for a cold beer while enjoying the sun.
Just as in The Netherlands, Belgium has an unpredictable climate. It can be 30 degrees in summer, but it can also rain a lot.


France is a very popular destination for family camping. It has everything a family camping trip needs. If your family likes beaches, mountains or lakes, there is always a campsite in France that meets your specific wishes.
The beaches of the west coast of France is famous for its surf possibilities. Lots of campsites are near the beach and offer surfing lessons. This is a great way of spending the holiday: the kids play on the beach and learn how to surf, while mommy and daddy have time to relax at the campsite or on the beach.

The beach in the south of France, at the Mediterranean See, is warmer and has more calmly and fewer waves. It is the perfect beach for small children to play in and near the water. Famous cities like Cannes, Marseille, and Saint Tropez are definitely worth your visit.

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Family camping in France


Portugal, and especially the Algarve, is a great area for family camping during low season. The winters are soft and in spring and autumn, the weather is lovely. There are beautiful beaches where you can swim, rest and enjoy the sun.

For sightseeing, you can visit places like Faro, Albufeira, and Olhão. Besides the beaches, there is a lot to do like visiting huge aqua swimming parks or hiking in the steep hills of the Algarve. Want to see more of Portugal? Go and visit Lisbon or Porto!

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Family camping in Portugal

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If you love beach campsites, Spain is the place to go. Especially in the north-east, which is called the Costa Brava, there are many big campsites with lots to do. Right next to the beach, with big swimming pools, kids club, bars, and restaurants nearby. You don’t even have to leave these camping resorts!

But be aware, these are the places where tons of people go during the summer holiday. You have to like this form of mass tourism or your camping holiday will turn out to be a small disaster.

A bit more down the Costa Brava you find Barcelona, where you can see the work of Gaudí throughout the city. When you stay at a campsite in that area, you can combine the beach with a visit to Barcelona.

Not in the mood for mass tourism? In the south of Spain, in the province called Andalucía, are some beautiful campsites. You can put a visit to cities like Granada, Malaga, Almería and Seville on your to-do list.

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Family camping in Spain

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Go Glamping!

Glamping is a very special way of family camping. It combines the outdoors of camping with the glamour of a hotel (camping + glamour = glamping). If you have the feeling that family camping with a tent, caravan or camper van is not your piece of cake, but you want to give your children the experience of going on a family camping vacation, then glamping is the right thing for you and your family.

The best campsites for your family camping tour

Do you like to make a family camping tour and move from campsite to campsite? There is so much to see in Europe, so why not travel around and visit several different places? Since most distances are relatively short, it is rather easy to see many countries, cities and natural parks during one holiday. You might want to arrange campsites upfront for such a trip, especially when you want to travel during the high season. Most campgrounds are packed. You will also need a bigger budget since all campsites charge a much higher fee.

But if you can take a few weeks (months?!) of during the low season, you can travel around without having to arrange anything.

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Family camping tour in Europe

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