Hi there! We are a family of 3 that traveled through the south of Europe for six months. We went from campsite to campsite with our caravan and during this time we have gained a lot – I mean a ton – of experience in the whole camping with (small) kids area. With this in mind I thought: why not help other families with their family camping trip?!

Family Camping

Yeah I know, the horizon is not leveled, but the picture is great right?! 🙂

A decent preparation is vital

Family camping is the best! It is perfect for spending quality time with your family, being close to nature and it’s an easy way for traveling Europe from place to place without stretching your budget. To get the most out of your family camping vacation – especially if it is your first family camping holiday – a good preparation is essential. That’s where this website comes in!

Family camping tips

If you’re thinking about going camping with your family and are looking for tips, this is the place to be. Even if you have a bit of experience with family camping, I am sure you will find some helpful advice either way.